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Thrive The Movie Now Free For Download


Dear Thrive Movement,

Since we launched in November, we have heard from many of you how critical you feel it is for the message of THRIVE to get out all over the world as quickly as possible.
We hear you! And we feel the same. Now, thanks to your enthusiastic support – in buying the DVD, sharing the film with your communities and donating to the movement – we can make the movie free AND support the ongoing THRIVE movement.
We are excited to announce that THRIVE will be available for FREE on our website – – starting April 5, 2012!
Check out this video from Foster about our decision to go free and please spread the word!


We’re counting on your support to help THRIVE go viral in just one week by sharing the movie
with your networks.
With excitement and gratitude,
Foster, Kimberly, and the THRIVE team

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Hi Jennifer, I hope that you are having a great day today. I wanted to thank you a million billion times over with my heart for the amazing personal consultation we had a month ago and wanted to let you know that it not only has helped me find a strong ground to stand on but has changed my path tremendously. I wanted to let you know that following our meeting I took everything that was discussed and put it into action. I will be starting a job in August at a family law firm where I will be not just a legal assistant but also will be an intern in mediation and conflict resolution. I also registered in the Conflict Management at Algonquin College starting this September. I can't believe my dream is coming true! Without your push and confirmation of my path, I really don't think I would be have been this motivated to follow my passion. You are a true catalyst for change. I can't believe it only took one session with you to do so. I'm so glad we met. Again, thank you!
Tanya B