IET – Healing With The Angels – Level 2 – Intermediate – Sun Apr 30th

At long last I have scheduled an IET Level 2 Intermediate class on Sun Apr 30th from 12-6pm at Inner Soul Cycle & Yoga Studio.   My intention is to do IET Level 3 Advanced in mid May to get students ready for the Master-Instructors class in June.

**PRE-REQUISITE: IET Level 1 Basic**
Sun Apr 30th, 2017
12:00pm to 6:00pm
Inner Soul Cycle & Yoga Studio
350 Viewmount Drive
Ottawa, ON
Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET):
Healing With The Angels*
A Certified Hands On Healing Experience
Join Jennifer Clark, one of the world’s Top IET Master-Instructors in the next level to heal with the energy of angels. IET is a new form of energy work using the angelic realms to unblock karmic patterns, clear and balance chakras, reduce stress and uncover your soul’s purpose. IET uses the help of Arch Angel Ariel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel. Each level is taught in one day formats and you receive a certificate of completion, manual and energy attunement in each class. To learn more about IET, visit
*DISCLAIMER: IET is powerful alternative wellness & spiritual development technique much like reiki except that is taps into the healing power of the angelic realms which offers the practitioner and client a wholly different kind of experience. NOTE that despite its registered trademark name from the United States, IET is NOT a traditional form of therapy. IET is a hands on energy delivery system. IET does not claim to cure or diagnose dis-ease but can support emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
How IET® Works
Human beings are made up of a 12 strand DNA that acts as a spiritual blueprint for our soul’s mission, our life experiences and all of the creative gifts we will need in our lifetime.
As you grow, your 12 strand DNA imprints in your energy field that can attract life lessons and experiences that will allow you to grow spiritually, creatively, experience empowerment and fulfill your soul’s mission. As we all know, some of these life lessons can overwhelm you and the energy of that trauma is trapped in your energy field. These traumatic imprints can attract repetitions of the same situation over and over again in one lifetime which can limit your ability to live with passion and purpose.
The energy of these imprints also gets trapped in the cellular memory of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies that can impair your state of wellness.
The Intermediate Level IET focuses on clearing not only the physical and emotional bodies but also the mental and karmic imprints from your field. This expands your experience of empowerment but also reduces the chance of repeating negative patterns.
For those students wishing to continue on and become an IET Master-Instructor which allows you the ability to teach IET to others, the weekend workshop is scheduled once a year in Ottawa every June. You must have completed all 3 levels to qualify.
Level 2 – Intermediate – $220.00 plus 13% HST = $250*
*Includes professional manual, certificate of completion and angelic energy attunement
**PRE-REQUISITE: Level 1 Basic IET**
Cash, Cheque accepted
PayPal & Credit Card options as well