You, less than, is a lie

So someone kindly sent me an insightful blog post recently. The gist of this blog is that you, less than, is a lie.

Read it for yourself here:

When you fall into this valley of questioning your value, you need something to pull you out. An image, a word, a note. It helps when this object reflects both the love you have for yourself as well as the love someone has for you.

Here is mine. It is a picture of me playing on a swing tire in my grandparents back yard when I was about 8. Somewhere playing near by is my sister and behind the camera is my Grandpa. This picture has been sitting on a shelf discreetly tucked away in a corner but where I can see it in my home office for years now to remind me to hang in there, see the world from a different perspective and oh yeah, have fun doing it. After reading this blog, I dusted it off and realize its meaning for me has deepened. Even though those I love may not be in the picture, they are still around and their Presence still is felt.

So, I showed you mine. Now, show me yours. Post up a picture or note that pulls you out of the dips and valleys of life. #notdimmerbutdeeper